Corporate banking business: Banker's acceptance business, letter of credit, bank guarantee, fixed asset loan, working capital loan, revolving line of credit and entrusted loan.

  Supply chain finance business: Factoring business, confirming warehouse financing.

Investment banking business

  Direct investment, private placement bonds for small and medium-sized enterprises, underwriting of debt financing instruments for non-financial institutions, corporate bond, financing and consultation for M&A, syndicated loan, private placement products, financial advisory for listed and pre-IPO companies, insurance products sale by proxy. 

Corporate finance business

  Advisory service on wealth management, comprehensive wealth management.

  Retail banking business: Personal savings, personal loan, wealth management, debit card, credit card, e-banking, ebank-social security platform.

Financial market business

  Wealth management, bond, foreign exchange service.

International business

  Settlement business, trade financing service, guarantee business and other business.

Service Platform

  Huarong Xiangjiang Bank Co., Ltd.

  Huarong Xiangjiang Bank is a local bank with strong comprehensive strength and competitive advantages, ranking 32nd  in the top 100 enterprises in Hunan Province in 2014. Huarong Xiangjiang Bank is deeply rooted in the local economy and focuses on niche banks, projects, clients, enterprises and products. By being ‘small but specialized, professional, innovative, distinguished’, the bank strives to serve the local economy by providing outstanding services for small and micro enterprises and promote people's livelihood by supporting agriculture-related enterprises and customers in the rural area.

  Address: South Wing, Wanjing Financial Intelligence Center, No. 208 Xiangfu East Road, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan Province
  TEL:+86 731 89828801
  FAX:+86 731 89828801

Contact: (8610) 5961-8888
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