Consumer Finance

Independent Product

  Everyday E-Loan is an independent product of Huarong Consumer Finance. The product can be processed online through the app of Huarong Consumer Finance. The borrower may be granted up to RMB 200,000 of revolving loan.

Collaborative Product

  Through collaboration with industry leaders such as Ant Financial and WeBank, Huarong Consumer Finance provides credit which meets diversified needs of internet consumers with enhanced risk control measures.

Service Platform

  Under the approval of CBIRC, Huarong Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (“Huarong Consumer Finance”) is a national financial institution that provides a full range of consumer finance services to individual residents in China. With China Huarong as its main contributor, it was jointly established in January 2016 in Hefei with Hefei Baida Group Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Huaqiang Holdings Co., Ltd., and Anhui Xin'an Capital. Huarong Consumer Finance currently has a registered capital of RMB 900 million. The company has served over 10 million consumers and continued to work on inclusive finance and promotion of consumption upgrading. 

  Address: Block A, Xiangyuan Square, No. 310 Suixi Road, Luyang District, Hefei, Anhui Province
  TEL: (86-551)6288-2391
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